How to stop damaging your hair? We frequently harm our hair in our pursuit of attractive hair. Damaged hair is brittle because it is frail. Frizzy, unhealthy-looking hair can result from hair breakdown. We may ultimately experience thinning hair or even bald areas if we continue to damage our hair.

The good news is that minor modifications may be made to avoid additional hair damage. On this page, you’ll find 10 typical hair-care behaviors that might harm your hair, as well as dermatological suggestions to help you stop hurting your hair.

Hair breakage can occur for a variety of reasons, including certain hair products, diet, and stress. Home remedies can help.

Hair breakage can occur in all varieties of hair, from straight to curly. It can cause frizzy and brittle hair at the ends or at the head or crown.



In most cases, hair breakage is temporary and people can fix their hair and restore their strength with products and home remedies.

In this article, we look at 10 common causes of hair breakage and ways to treat and prevent future hair breakage and damage.

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Table of Contents

What is the cause?

The following section delves into the most prevalent reasons of hair breakage:

10 Typical Hair-Care Behaviors That Might Harm Your Hair

Hair health receives less attention than the rest of the body, but did you realize your regular habit might harm your hair? Although washing and brushing are required, typical habits like hair dryer or straightener, coloring your hair, or simply keeping it in a ponytail can all result in hair loss. Fortunately, there are simple ways to avoid this type of hair damage. But first, you must recognize your hair behaviors.

1. Hair products and styling

Hair dyes, perms, and relaxers all contain chemicals that can weaken hair and make it more prone to breakage.

Some shampoos can also cause hair to break, become brittle, or frizzy. According to a source in 2014, the acidity or pH of the shampoo can affect hair breakage. Certain shampoos are alkaline or basic and can negatively charge the hair.

It increases friction between the hair strands and can cause hair breakage. Avoiding harsh chemicals on the hair and using a neutral pH shampoo can help promote healthy hair.

Washing your hair by applying shampoo through the length of it

Changes that can aid in the prevention of hair damage include:

♦ Massage shampoo into your scalp gently.

♦ When rinsing the shampoo from your scalp, let it run through the length of your hair and avoid the urge to massage it.

Extract Conditioner

Changes that can help prevent hair loss include:

Apply conditioner after every shampoo.

Swimmers’ Dermatologists’ Recommendations

Pool chemicals may be damaging to your hair. The following items can be used to protect your hair:

♦ Put on a swim cap.

♦ After swimming, quickly rinse your hair.

♦ After washing your hair, use a specially designed swimmers’ shampoo followed by a deep conditioner.

10 typical hair-care behaviors that might harm your hair-Milao Haath

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2- Excessive Brushing

Over brushing can also lead to hair breakage.

People may not need to brush their hair as often as they think. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends brushing your hair only as often as necessary to style it. In particular, the idea that people should brush their hair in 100 strokes is a myth.

Using a Moist Brush to Brush Your Hair

Changes that can aid in the prevention of hair damage include:

♦ Do you have curly hair? Allow your hair to dry somewhat before gently combing it with a wide-tooth comb.

♦ Do you have textured or curly hair? Always use a wide-tooth comb to comb your moist hair.

3- Rubbing Your Hair dry with a towel

Rubbing damp hair with a towel can cause hair damage, frizz, and breaking. Wet hair is more prone to breaking than dry hair.

Instead of massaging the hair, cover it in a towel to absorb moisture or allow it dry naturally in the air.

Changes that can aid in the prevention of hair damage include:

♦ To absorb the water, wrap your hair in a towel.

♦ Allow your hair to air dry.

The Combination of Heat and a Lack of Moisture

Using heat on the hair often can damage the hair shafts and eliminate moisture from the hair, resulting in brittle hair and hair breakage.
The following heat treatments can cause hair damage over time:

♦ blow-dryers
♦ straighteners
♦ curling irons

Hot and humid conditions can also dry out the hair and increase the chance of breakage.

By decreasing heat treatments, people may typically avoid and prevent future hair breakage.

Making use of a blow dryer, a heated comb, or a curling iron

Changes that can aid in the prevention of hair damage include:

♦ When possible, let your hair air dry.

♦ Set the heat to the lowest setting.

♦ Limit the amount of time a hot comb or curling iron is in contact with your hair.

♦ Use these tools on a less frequent basis, aiming for once a week or less.



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4- Tight hairstyles

Using styling products with long-lasting hold

People who pull their hair back with tight hairstyles or regularly use rubber bands to tie their hair can cause hair breakage. Tight hairstyles can cause the hair to stretch or pull away from the scalp.

People who frequently wear their hair in tight hairstyles, such as a bun, braid, or braid, can develop traction alopecia, which is a type of hair loss. Even if it is temporary hair loss that can be recovered.

If it persists, it may become permanent. Rubber bands can also pull hair if pulled too tight. People can relieve hair tension by wearing covered hair ties and wearing hair in a variety of loose styles.

Changes that can help protect your hair:

♦ Try another hairstyle that doesn’t call for this product.

Tightly pull your hair back, such as in a ponytail, bun, or cornrows

Changes that can aid in the prevention of hair damage include:

♦ Wear your hair back loosely.

♦ Use coated rubber bands designed specifically for hair styling.

♦ Alter your hairdo so that it does not drag on your hair.

5- Not Getting a Regular Haircut

A lack of regular haircuts can lead to split ends. These broken ends make the hair more likely to break higher up, closer to the hair shaft.

If you trim your hair regularly, Even if a person lets their hair grow out, it can help keep the hair healthy and strong.

A hairstylist will also offer you advice on maintaining healthy hair and address any ongoing issues people may be facing.

Putting on a weave or using hair extensions

Changes that can aid in the prevention of hair damage include:

♦ Wear mild weaves and extensions that will not pull.

♦ Visit a salon that specializes in weaving and hair extensions.

♦ Wear a professional weave or hair extension for no more than two or three months.

♦ When using a weave or hair extension, keep your scalp clean.

♦ Alter your hairstyles so that you are not constantly wearing a weave or hair extensions.

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6- Diet

Nutrition is essential in promoting healthy hair. People with vitamin deficiencies may have weaker hair that appears dry, dull, or brittle. Hair loss can also be caused by severe nutritional shortages.

Biotin, which is important for good hair growth, is found in eggs and salmon, while Brazil nuts contain selenium, which is beneficial to hair growth. Learn about nutrients that promote healthy hair development by clicking here.

People must have a well-balanced diet that includes lots of the following:

♦ Protein, 
♦ vitamin D, 
♦ iron,
♦ zinc are all components of omega-3 fatty acids.

People’s hair will likely get stronger and healthier if any nutritional deficits are addressed.

Effective Homemade Protein for Rich Hair -Milao Haath

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7- Stress

Extreme stress can cause hair damage and a condition known as telogen effluvium.

A significant shock or stress can force the hair roots to enter the resting stage of their development cycle earlier than expected, causing the hair to fall out of the scalp.

People’s hair normally regrows once they have recovered from stress. People who observe significant quantities of hair losing should consult their doctor to determine the underlying problem.

8. Hair Coloring, Perming, or Relaxing

Changes that can aid in the prevention of hair damage include:

♦ Increase the time between touch-ups, especially if the air is dry. In the winter, attempt to space touch-ups out to every 8 to 10 weeks, if possible.

♦ Have only one service, such as coloring, relaxing, or perming. If you want more than one service, perm or relax your hair first, then color it two weeks later.

♦ After each shampoo, apply conditioner.

♦ When out in the sun, use a zinc oxide leave-in conditioner or wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect your hair.

Brushing your hair 100 times every day or yanking on it to style it.

Changes that can aid in the prevention of hair damage include:

♦ Changes that can help prevent hair damage include merely brushing and combing your hair to style it. Hair does not require 100 brush strokes per day. This is a myth.

♦ Brush your hair lightly with a wide-toothed comb.
When brushing, combing, or styling your hair, avoid pushing and tugging on it.

♦ Gently remove knots, using a hydrating conditioner if required.

How-to-maintain-your-hair-Milao Haath

How-to-maintain-your-hair-Milao Haath

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9- Thyroid Disorder

Thyroid illness can be the cause of thyroid gland rupture. People with thyroid disorders may experience brittle, dry, and lifeless hair. People may notice severe hair loss or bald patches if their hair thins down.
Thyroid illness patients may also notice changes in their skin and nails, such as the following:

♦ Nails quickly disintegrate or break.
♦ Wounds heal more slowly than usual, resulting in deep lines on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet, as well as itchy skin.

Whether people suffer any of these symptoms in addition to fatigue, they should consult their doctor to discover if they have a thyroid issue.

10- Eating Problems

Hair breakage and hair loss can be caused by eating problems.
Eating disorders can cause malnutrition and health problems, which can alter. The natural cycle of hair growth. This disturbance can cause hair to fall out during the growth phase of the hair cycle, known as anagen.

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Hair Breakage Treatment

Maintaining proper hygiene is critical for all facets of human health. It holds for follicular health as well. It is very important to maintain appropriate hygiene to have nice and healthy hair. We’ll look at some minor modifications that can assist your hair and prevent hair loss and thinning.

People may frequently improve their hair’s health by treating the underlying problem, employing hair-strengthening products, or modifying their haircare practice.

The sections that follow discuss how to manage hair breakage:

Change Haircare Routine

If hair products or style practices, such as harsh chemicals or heat treatments, are harming the hair, changing haircare regimens might assist. Air-dry your hair and use soft products with fewer harsh ingredients.

Switching to hair products that care for damaged hair, restore moisture, and strengthen hair may help people avoid hair breakage.

If people swim frequently, they can use a shampoo and conditioner that especially heals any hair damage caused by chlorine and other chemicals in pools.

Make use of a Conditioner.

Hair damage might occur if you do not use a conditioner after washing your hair with shampoo. A conditioner helps to reduce frizz and untangle hair by neutralizing the charge of the hair.

Conditioners may also improve the luster and smoothness of hair, making it easier to handle.

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Reduce your stress.

Stress is the source of hair breakage. People can make plans to relax and unwind, which will help their hair’s health. Learn how to deal with stress by clicking here.

Dietary Modifications.

When a person’s hair has lost strength due to their diet, they might try eating items that strengthen the hair again. These meals are high in protein, omega-3s fatty acids, iron, biotin, and zinc.


People can take the following precautions to avoid future hair breakage:

♦ Using a conditioner after bathing hair rather than kneading shampoo into the scalp and rinsing it through the hair.
♦ Donning a swimming cap to protect one’s hair from chlorine and other pool chemicals.
♦ After swimming, wash your hair with a swim shampoo.
♦ Drying hair using a towel or allowing it to dry naturally.
♦ Allowing hair to air dry briefly before blow drying or brushing.
♦ Restricting the usage of hot hair equipment such as straighteners and curling tongs.
♦ Minimizing the use of coloring and styling products.
Changing hairstyles often.
♦ Always use correct hair bands and lightly wrap the hair.
♦ Softly combing hair and only enough to shape it,
♦ Using extensions or weaves for little more than 2-3 months at a time.
♦ Eating a balanced diet to ensure the hair is getting all the nutrients it needs

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When Should you Consult a Dermatologist?

If modifying your hair care routine does not result in healthier hair, you should consult a dermatologist. The hair care regimen may not be the source of your problem. A dermatologist visit is especially necessary if you are concerned about hair thinning or loss. The majority of causes may be avoided or remedied. The sooner you address the issue, the better your outcomes will be.

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Reducing or preventing causes of hair damage and proper hair care can help keep hair strong and healthy. It can also help prevent symptoms such as hair loss from getting worse.

People who notice excessive or unexpected hair loss should see their doctor as it may indicate an underlying health problem.

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