5 Ways You Can Help Rescue Animals

5 Ways You Can Help Rescue Animals

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Many animals are a victim of mistreatment, lack of medical treatment, and attention towards their ailments and troubles, as well as being in danger of poachers, as a result, many have been driven towards extinction. Due to these reasons, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of animal rescue.

Methods to Rescue Animals

Animal rescue consists of various methods in which animals can be protected from the aforementioned circumstances. Among these methods are the following:

1. Adoption

If you would ever want to get a pet, then you should always check your local animal shelter or rescue before you consider options like pet stores or others. By adopting stray animals you can also reduce the number of attacks on strangers. For example, in the case of stray dogs, it would greatly reduce the threat to pedestrians. This way instead of them being targeted by exterminators, they can be socialized with humans. 

Schools can also take the initiative and adopt a “School pet” as is practiced by some schools. 

Furthermore, once a pet has been adopted it must also be nurtured with the right care and affection. Timely vaccinating the pet along with providing proper nutrition and exercise and regular visits to the vet would ensure that the animal stays safe from ailments and is in the good physical condition and is not neglected in terms of health. 

Adoption does not necessarily have to be permanent, it could be for a specified period until the animal develops enough to live in its natural environment or until another family or shelter adopts it. So if you don’t want that big of responsibility you can instead keep them until you can find a house that would be willing to adopt them permanently.

2. Help your local shelters 

Most shelters are in dire need of a bigger workforce which is why one of the best ways to assist these shelters is through Volunteer work, however little your effort may be it would be beneficial for them. 

Another way to help, if you are not having that much free time is by donating any supplies that might come in handy or by making donations in the form of money so that they may buy the supplies of their own choice. If you cannot donate much you could start a fundraiser, for this you can partner up with local businesses to have them set up a donation box for the shelters. 

3. Save them from pollution

It cannot be denied that pollution holds a great impact on animals, whether it be in the form of air pollution, contamination of oceans and seas, or littering on the streets and during leisurely activities on natural attractions and tourist sites. These may affect the well-being of animals by damaging or destroying their habitats or poisoning and severely harming them. This could simply be prevented by taking simple precautions in regards to littering or gas emissions for example: Instead of throwing litter on the streets or in the water when aboard a cruise, it could simply be held inside a bag and then disposed of at an appropriate place, besides reducing the consumption of non-decomposable products such as plastic. 

Moreover, the importance of recycling cannot be stressed enough. Products that can be put to an alternative use should be so put, especially electronic items that may contain components of which products may cause harm to animals. Informing others such as friends and family or neighbors of the causes and consequences of pollution and dissuading them from such activity may also help to curb it. These simple measures can save thousands of animals from being poisoned or losing their homes and would contribute to a greener environment for them.

4. Spread Awareness 

A major reason why the general public is missing out on a lot in regards to this matter is the lack of awareness. So, if you are active on social media you can do your part without even leaving your room. You can easily spread the word about the cruelties that these animals face and how you can prevent more from happening. 

Other than this, you can also advertise the animals that are up for adoption in your local shelters. This way you can both spread awareness as well as help in finding these animals a good home. Another way of doing so would be to host community events, like a bake sale, or maybe host a photo shoot for the dogs on social media. Another thing you can do is that if you see anyone abusing an animal, you can either take that animal to the shelter to help it, stop the person partaking in this abuse or spread awareness within that area to prevent further such happenings. 

You could hold competitions in which you could sell tickets to raise money as well as spread awareness through the competition itself. Additionally, children must be taught about how to be considerate of the needs of animals and the importance of being affectionate towards them. They must be kept away from being harsh to animals as this is what forms the basis of all the cruelty inflicted upon animals – people are not fundamentally and morally equipped from an early age to care for the animals that they may come across. This shall allow for a sustainable impact on the rescue of animals. 

5. Feed Safe Meat Products

A precaution that meat consumers may take is that they may ensure that the meat that they consume is not illegally sourced or the result of such a process that may have involved the mistreatment of animals. They may enquire from meat providers about the origins of the meat and how the animals were treated before being slaughtered.

 Moreover, it should also be made sure in regards to products other than meat that animal testing did not or should not have taken place during the process of production. where possible meat products should be avoided and vegetable-based products may be used.

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  1. Keep writing about animal welfare

  2. Rafay Ahmed Khan

    Just went through the contents, it’s great but there are some contraindications for the pets.
    How the middle class family can adopt the expenses of pets in the time of uncertain economy where it is very difficult to meet the both ends? Moreover, there is not a proper government institute which is providing the proper platform for animals adoption. The safety of family/society, animals are prone to infections and carry some viruses strain which is zoonotic, for that we have to take the animal to the vet for proper medical protocols and needs finance. The part of world where we are living in which there is a different perspective of the people having firm religious views for pets especially (dogs) for awareness, we have to change the dimension of people’s thinking.

    • Thank you for taking interest in the post. There are five different ways mentioned to help rescue an animal. In case you cannot go for adoption keeping any of the view in mind either economical or religious than you may go the rest. Moreover, there are shelters available in many of the cities and they are functional. Even certain private animal shelters are in function where you can even adopt a pet. These homes are even equipped with different facilities. Now we are at a much better place than before on this issue yet there must be certain steps to ensure that animal must not carry any zoonotic disease. Some shelters even tame their pet and ensure that they don’t carry any of the zoonotic diseases. To learn more stay connected.

      • Rafay Ahmed Khan

        Thank you for the response.
        For the shelter houses, they also needs funds to meet there both ends. The point is how we can change the dimensions of people’s thinking???
        Don’t you think, the society will respond to this awareness campaign? Where the literacy rate is already low..

        • The shelter houses out there got funding in one way or the other. There are many projects with research grants and foreign funding in action. One of the examples I want to quote is Global UGRAD they do fund such projects based on community awareness. I was part of a campaign on awareness of rabies HOSTED by IREX and GARC with volunteers from Pakistan. Locally there are many ongoing projects. Still, you can google and can connect with local representatives. People do respond to awareness campaigns. You must volunteer for one. Thank you.

  3. Helpful and informative. Keep Sharing

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